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Certified Translation

Official and legal documents require a certified translation if they are officially required in court or for a public authority. Our worldwide network of qualified specialist translators consists partly of certified specialist or publicly appointed translators, who translate your documents in various fields of competencies into more than 120 languages.

In the case of certified translations, the necessary authenticity must always be legally binding. Our authorised specialist translators meet these official and legal requirements and know, of course, all the requirements regarding the translation of your document. Thus, certification is regarded as the authenticity certificate for your document translations.

In addition to official authorization, the realization of certified translations therefore requires thorough professional expertise, as well as clean decoding and coding, while taking into consideration the target country, legal system and scope of application. As your reliable and professional partner, we meet all of these requirements.

Document Translation

Official and legal documents require a certified translation if such translation is officially required in court or by a public authority. Our worldwide network of qualified specialist translators consists largely of sworn translators, who translate your documents into more than 50 languages in various fields of competencies.

Each document has its own processing and translation challenges and guidelines. Moreover, different international requirements increase the complexity of the translation process. A high integrity and traceability of the documents requires consistent quality and profound insight into the official and legal provisions of the target country. Thus, a language specific and fundamental knowledge are essential to ensure a technically and factually correct translation with respect to processing official documents.

Thanks to perfect language skills and technical knowledge, our native speakers provide for top-quality translations – which we can also provide as a certified translation.

Due to the increasing global intercommunication, for a long time now many of our activities go beyond national borders. Irrespective of whether for economic purposes in internationally active companies, the validity of private documents abroad or medical documents for international use – we need a wide range of linguistically flexible documents and content – no matter whether privately or professionally.

In addition to translations into English, there is an increasing demand for Asian, Kurdish and further African and Eastern European language services. We offer you a technically competent translation service into more than 120 languages.

Technical Translation

PromoLingua is a technical translation agency that offers high-quality, accurate, certified technical translation services. Our technical translation services are certified and guaranteed to be free from errors. Whether you work in the scientific, technology, or engineering sectors, we can help you communicate effortlessly with partners and clients around the world.

Our experienced team of technical translators will expertly render every detail of your technical documents into your target language with all the technical terminology. From product specifications to scientific research, an expert translator has got you covered.

  • Patents
  • Catalogs
  • Technical specifications
  • Product use manuals
  • Electronic manuals
  • Operation manuals
  • White papers
  • Professional training manuals
  • Safety procedure manuals
  • User manuals
  • Technical proposals
  • Scientific reports
  • Product sheets
  • Technical data sheets

Financials Translation

Maintaining tone and style is critical when dealing with sensitive financial content. PromoLingua delivers financial translations with a customized approach that accommodates your unique requirements. Our linguists are highly trained in the mechanics of international business, providing the best translation of financial documents for a new target region. These language solutions pros transfer intangible elements of language across borders with extensive experience and attention to detail.

With PromoLingua, you can rest easy knowing your language partner can scale content to reach new global stakeholders and customers, guarantee data security and confidentiality for your financial documents and meet SEC regulations and international security standards.

Medical Translation

PromoLingua uses native speaking translators who are doctors, with certifications and accreditations in their profession. The professional translation of medical documents cannot be entrusted to those who simply know two or more languages, it requires professionals with experience in the medical field.

PromoLingua offers specialized medical translations in all the various fields of medicine: manuals, scientific papers, clinical reports, but also informative material for conference events.

The written documents may be used for publication or for internal and informative use. In addition to medical translations, we also offer sworn translations in cases where the document needs to have legal value. Over our 20 years in business, we have perfected a production process that allows us to manage large workloads (including through the use of multiple parallel translators) in a short amount of time.

PromoLingua’s translation management process is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards.

Website Translation

According to BuiltWith Insights, 27% of top 100,000 websites are in English. The rest are non-English websites, demonstrating the importance of having a localized environment rather than relying on a basic English version for all visitors.

Our website translation services entail several ways to carry out the translation process, depending on your needs and convenience.

  • Translation of original files

We can translate directly into your website’s source code (HTML, PHP, XML, or any other format) while respecting tags’ integrity, thanks to the use of our proprietary translation software. This solution is ideal for a quick process, as it does not require the manual integration of texts into source files once the translation is delivered.

  • Translation of contents in text format

We can translate the website contents in any editable text format (such as Word or Excel). On request, we can also localize all the multimedia content of your website (images, graphics, downloadable pdfs, etc.) during the translation process.

  • Translation within a CMS

If your website is managed by a CMS (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, etc.), we can insert the translations within the latter, via API or directly within the system if you provide us with access. Once you have inserted the translation into your staging site or into production, we can check the content in its final context to assess the need to adapt the content to the layout, on request and free of charge.

Do you have a website translation project?

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Software Translation

For a business to effectively plan and execute the expansion into a new market, it should fully understand the definitions of and differences between translation, localization, and internationalization. Traditionally, documents (e.g., SEO material) were sent to a translation office, and a few days later, the translated version would be returned. Software translation cannot work in the same way, unfortunately, because software is written in code, which translators typically will not understand.

The language must be separated from the source code and made accessible for translators. This is just one part of the process that professional software translation services handle. There are many advantages associated with using a translation service over attempting to translate a software manually.

The advantages of working with a software translation tool are:

  • You can increase your productivity by automating repeating tasks
  • You can use past translations and work to accelerate your projects
  • You can fully prevent simple errors through integrated quality control
  • You can use the Translation Memory to improve consistency across projects
  • You can complete your software faster, often with just a few clicks
  • You can use the same straightforward tool for all tasks across projects
  • You can generate reports and watch your project status with one click

Games Transaltion

The video games market has become truly global and the demand for game translation services is growing proportionally and with it the interest in game localization careers. While your mobile or video game may be globally available, it may not be global-ready. With their global appeal, the next person to download or buy your mobile or video game could be located anywhere around the world, so localization for key market segments is essential for global growth. Using our mobile app and video game translation services, you can optimize your apps and games for a great user experience in over 300 languages.

  • Video Game Dialogue Translation

Promolingua has a community of game testers and seasoned translators who have great experience translating video game dialogue. With a specialization in linguistics, our translators analyze your game dialogue both for the semantic meaning of the text, tone, and artistic prose.

  • In-game Menus, Buttons, and Tutorial Translation

Our Video Game Localization Team understands that when it comes to game development, user experience is just as important as impeccable grammar for developers. Our translators can translate your in-game menus, overlays, and tutorials to provide the best gaming experience for your users in their native language.

Promolingua Translation’s qualified linguists have verified credentials for ensuring that all your games and videos are translated to enhance user experience on multiple platforms and in multiple languages with seamless gaming translation services as well as video game translation services.

With expertise in developing and translating games as well as expertise in video game localization, these expert linguists ensure your games are translated seamlessly into the language of your target market.

Automotive Translation

The automotive industry is truly global. Research and development, manufacturing, consumption and servicing for the same product take place in multiple locations around the world. Since many different people of all languages and cultures work on and use automobiles, the documents pertaining to a vehicle must be translated systematically, accurately and consistently.

And in order to translate it correctly, one MUST understand the source correctly. Here are the five types of automotive translation that play key roles across the entire manufacturing and sales process:

  • Design resources: Design teams are often made up of experts from various language backgrounds and there is no room for communication problems. Interpretation services are often required and documents such as CAD designs need translating into multiple languages.
  • Manufacturing processes: When a vehicle is designed in one country and manufactured in another, it is crucial that the teams can follow the exact same manufacturing process and achieve the right level of quality control. This requires extensive translation of manufacturing processes, guidelines and other materials.
  • Safety documentation: Across the design and manufacturing processes, a huge amount of safety documentation is needed. Heavy items are lifted, toxic chemicals are used, surface temperatures become dangerous and just about every tool used to build and test vehicles could be dangerous.
  • User manuals: some people skip reading these things. However, manufacturers are legally obliged to provide all the necessary instructions and safety guidelines to protect the people driving, their lives and third parties as well.
  • Marketing material: As with all global industries, translating marketing material is vital to maximising sales in every target market. Sometimes translation alone will not be enough either and other language services will be needed such as localisation or transcreation to capture the right marketing message.

Promolingua has been a long-standing collaborator in the Automotive Industry sector, enabling our customers to communicate clearly and effectively in more than 200 languages.

Our technical translators have a solid background in engineering sector. Promolingua also provides comprehensive, cost-effective and customized globalization solutions that guarantee swift turnaround times. Our unique methodology delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information.


Because of the EU targets for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, the corporate environmental awareness is growing and companies of all kinds are taking environmentally-friendly measures, creating ongoing opportunities and the need for translations in this field.

Promolingua has been successfully providing environmental translations to a variety of organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ClientEarth, the IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy) and more.

Our specific areas of expertise related to environmental translations

  • Renewable resources/ renewable energy
  • Alternative energy
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Waste management
  • Recycling
  • Pollution control
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture
  • Hydropower
  • Green constructions
  • Climate change
  • Forestry-related documents
  • EU environment policy-related documents