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Website Localization

Our certified IT and gaming translators precisely adapt your website’s content to the local language and culture of your target audience, taking into account the audience’s needs and sensitivities. Our professional translators are experienced at translating highly technical content for your businesses’ website, mobile application as well as user interfaces and software interfaces for project management and e-learning systems.

Software Applications

Translation software can be even more complicated than translating websites. Software applications include resource formats which contain the application’s texts.

These resource files come in many different formats, each with different character encoding and structure.

When our professionals translate software, they get the texts for translation and don’t need to bother with complex structures.

Promolingua takes care of all technical aspects and allows translators to concentrate on the translation exclusively.

Android & Apple iOS

Mobile apps need to speak the language of the user, as they are often used in personal settings. Even enterprise apps are localized so as to reach the maximum number of users across the world.

Mobile app localization consists of various services such as translation, localizing the code and user interface (UI), and testing. Whether you’re localizing for Android or iOS, note that mobile app content is dynamic and is sometimes updated several times a day. Hence, translation of this content is near-continuous too, or needs to be. An agile localization process and team setup can handle the translation better than that suited to a waterfall development method.

With Promolingua, our experienced staff will help you to translate your IOS and Android app in the following way:

  • Translate visible as well as invisible text. This includes all the UI text, the underlying code, and any user support information such as help text. You need to research the right keywords in every locale which people may be using to look for the product/service that you offer. This process is called multilingual search engine optimization (SEO). With the release of every new update, there will be new content to be translated.
  • Ensure that your mobile application is tailored to the user needs of a particular locale. This may include reorienting the app for right-to-left (RTL) languages, the right conventions to use in forms and fields, the right date and time formats, etc.
  • Testing for translation quality as well as functionality. Linguist reviewers make sure the translation meets your standards and follows the style guide. Localization testing includes checking to see if there are any display issues and whether the app is functioning correctly on different devices, to name just a few items listed in a testing script.


From user guides and white papers to legal documents and more, our expert IT and software translators ensure that your various types of documents are accurately and clearly translated so that your business and its offering are always understood.

Manuals & User Help

We specialize in helping your target audience clearly understand what it is they need to do to successfully play your games, by translating and localizing help sections, user manuals, and other important educational information.

User Interface

Our expert gaming translators will help you maintain clear and consistent text across your game’s entire UI, so that it is inviting and user-friendly, enticing players to return and play again and again.

Voiceover & Dubbing

With the growing demand for video content, companies and organisations rely on video to communicate their messages, their visions, values and make way to their global visibility and success. As a powerful and influential medium to reach new heart and minds of the global audience, your corporate videos, customer support, video ads, TV shows and documentaries find their way into the world with a new a captivating voice for each language.

Using a network of high-class studios and trusted voice actors, we offer you high-quality voiceover services that allow you to engage with and relate to your international audience in a meaningful way. We will help you with casting and choosing actors that will match your original brand voice as closely as possible, delivering the emotion and style you want to convey.

Payment Software

If you sell using an online store, then you can translate your checkout by editing your theme. Some themes come with translations for more than one language, so you can select a different language for your checkout in the theme editor. If you want to use a language that is not included in your theme, then you can also translate the checkout manually.

Prmolingua will be able to assist you in all your payment software translation needs, as have experience in translating checkout pages that use Paypal, Stripe, Square and Gocardless as a merchant provider.

Mobile Apps

Ensure your app’s messaging is clearly understood. Our team accurately translates your mobile and software applications, so they are simple to use, in every language and anywhere in the world.


Obtain maximum gamer stickiness with our expert video and mobile gaming localization services. We’ll adapt your content to comply with common local gaming trends, player commands, visual effects, and more. Our translation and localization experts are experienced in ensuring that your social games take players to the next level of user experience, in their native language. We want to help you attract an international audience of gamers and scale.

Gaming Tutorials

The gaming industry is on its way to becoming a huge industry, garnering international acclaim and success over other industries. As the global gamer community grows, the need to find a common ground with them is also increasing, giving rise to the need for game translation in multiple languages and across multiple devices.

The next person to download or buy your mobile or video game could be located anywhere around the world, so localization for key market segments is essential for global growth.

Promolingua’s expert linguists tackle these challenges for you while ensuring your games quality is maintained throughout the gaming translation services process. With expertise in developing and translating games in more than 100 global languages as well as expertise in video game localization, these expert linguists ensure your games are translated seamlessly into the language of your target market. That is why all game-related content is translated for your global audience:

  • Online Games
  • Game Websites
  • Mobile Games
  • Console and PC Games
  • Gaming Software
  • Gaming Controls and GUIs
  • Promotional Material
  • Gaming Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Gaming Instructions