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Websites and Product Information

Your website or app is your biggest asset. Translating your website or app is not only for multi-billion dollar companies or those with branches all around the world. Translation will help you to increase your sales, engage with your current and potential clients, and become the company of choice, whether you target a local or global market.

Branding Materials and Brochures

Although the world is increasingly becoming more digital focused, print materials are still tangible expressions of your brand and remain vital parts of any successful marketing plan. We can provide translation of brochures, flyers, magazine and newspaper articles, direct mail, point-of-sale displays, banners and other marketing collateral.

We let your brand’s voice be heard, loud and clear, through highly accurate, error-free translation and localization of your branding material, brochures, business cards, banners, ads, websites, billboards, videos, and more.

Email Campaigns

We help you improve the performance of your global email marketing campaigns, by ensuring your content reads as if it were written by a true local, in every target language. Effective communication, with the click of a button. On top of that, PromoLingua will also help you to setup a sequence of emails in order to get the highest open rates and responses. We are not just a translation company – we are a digital marketing agency that will take care of your domain authority and IP reputation when sending emails and will share best practices.

Press Releases

Translating press releases into your main business languages is a simple yet powerful way to begin globalizing your public relations efforts. The press release announces events or developments within your company—potentially attracting customers, investors, or even generating additional publicity. With markets becoming increasingly global, press releases made accessible to a wider audience can easily multiply the coverage, attention, and audience numbers.

You work hard to keep your polish up your PR campaigns polished and public-ready. Our expert PR translators will ensure a fast and flawless adaptation of your press releases and kits across any culture or language, enabling you to continue to build brand awareness and recognition on a global scale, without any misunderstanding.

Advertising Campaigns

We have over a decade of experience within localizing all kinds of advertising copy of every type for a wide range of industries. We own the expertise in adapting content of ads to suit any culture and target audience, so you always maintain your brand identity while you expand into new markets.

E-Books & Whitepapers

PromoLingua industry-specific expert marketing translators will translate and localize your e-books and whitepapers into over 120 languages, so you can increase interest in your business and expand your global reach.

Social Media

Today, effective communication across social media is key to growing your business internationally. With the help of our expert social media translation and localization services, you can rest assured that your can make the transition across cultures will be smooth sailing, without losing any of the source text’s identity, messaging and level of engagement.