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Audio Transcription

Required in corporate communications, court litigations, health services, conference calls, customer service conversations, surveys and podcasts, speech-to-text transcription is the baseline component in the making of multimedia content go global.

Our team of project managers and professional linguists transcribe audio and video soundtracks within demanding turnaround times, making your content fit for international audiences and media platforms. Backed up by technology and translator experience, we deploy both native-speaking linguists and intelligent voice recognition technology to convert audio to text with the highest linguistic accuracy, as well as subsequent translation where needed.

Video Transcription

With video transcription service becoming an increasingly common tool for online news, marketing, communication, and entertainment, an international business can’t afford to go without transcripts to reach an international audience.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our transcripts service for video and audio transcription can adapt to your needs and put you in the best position to make a global impact. With over 150 languages available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to be able to make an impact with your chosen audience.


Are you looking for subtitle translations for your film or video-clip?

Whether it’s a question of same-language subtitles or subtitle translations to a number of different foreign languages that will boost visibility to an increased audience of international speakers, our subtitling services put flexibility at the core of our outlook, to ensure that the service we deliver meets the requirements of your project.

Voice Over Audio Recording

Whether you’re an entertainment company that requires film dubbing, an audiobook company seeking voice-overs, or a marketing company looking to produce multilingual explainer videos — we’ve got you covered. Custom select your preferred voice actor from our international network of professional talent. With our wide range of languages and dialects and a diverse selection of voice talent to choose from, you’re guaranteed to nail the perfect note.


Quality subtitles and captions help videos rank in search and get more engagements and views in any language, on any platform. It’s a proven fact of media content consumption that a subtitled video will always reach a wider audience, as well as supporting accessibility. Our fast and accurate service allows your story to resonate with all viewers, local or international while staying true to the source material.

Our highly experienced professional translators and technical specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide accurate closed captioning services and subtitle translation services, with a fast turnaround in any language. We work with all major subtitle file types such as .srt, .sub, .vtt, and .sbv, as well as top-market video and file editing tools to match each sentence to the correct time codes in the source video.