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Software & Apps

With the software industry booming and new solutions and applications to bolster the performance of enterprise operations being launched on a daily basis, software developers aim to achieve continuous delivery in order to reduce time-to-market. When releasing software products on a global scale, localisation of UI, dialog boxes and strings is essential – localisation, tests, releases, and updates are all part of tailored workflows that ensure a software product meets the user expectations.

Our engineers will work together with our network of professional linguists to ensure your proprietary software is localised and adapted to a global userbase and is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. With experience in tackling complex workflow and code, our team will orchestrate an integrated approach to maintain alignment in time-to-market scheduling, budget, product updates and specific terminology.


Localizing a game is an investment in your success on new markets. We work with game publishers and developers, localizing mobile, desktop, browser, and console games into more than 70 languages.

Quality localization has a positive impact on:

  • audience expansion
  • player retention
  • featuring
  • customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • marketplace search rankings

We’ll help you select the region and translate your game using native speakers. Our translations take into account the linguistic and cultural differences in various countries: we know how significant subtle nuances can be.

IOS Apps

We localize iOS apps into foreign languages, and we perform linguistic testing in localized environments and inside localized versions of the operating system.

All translations and localization testing are performed by professional translators who are native speakers. In order to make it technically possible to localize your iOS app, make sure that you follow Apple’s iOS localization guidelines during the development process.

Android Apps

We localize Android apps and games into more than 70 languages, and we offer linguistic testing services.

All translations are done by professional translators who are native speakers and have relevant experience.

You should follow Google’s internationalization guidelines in order to ensure that your Android app can be localized.


To reach a global audience, companies must ensure their content resonates with their users in their native language to avoid any potential barriers to adoption. Releasing hundreds or thousands of products and services into a global marketplace means that the translation and localisation of website content becomes a continuous process of updates and releases.

Integrating with over 20 CMS and cloud storage platforms, we streamline website translation into one smooth, integrated process. With proven workflows that efficiently transfer and update localised content from our translation environment to your admin panel, we save time and resources to deliver the finished content smoothly, flawlessly, and in a shorter time span. Whether you are using a commercial CMS or a customised platform, our software and localisation engineers will develop the necessary integrations to ensure a pain-free localisation process.

GUI Localization

Graphical User Interface (GUI, pronounced “gooey”, for short) localization refers to the translation of the text strings that appear on icons, windows, dialog boxes, menus, check boxes, and error and status messages displayed on users’ screens.

Software localization involves translations of the application user interface (UI) strings as well as the associated online help, user manuals, product website, marketing and sales literatures into various target languages. Software localization allows your product to reach significantly more customers globally. As an example, both Microsoft and Adobe derive more than 50% of revenue from international sales of their software products. Whether it is large scale enterprise software, software within consumer electronics or medical devices, quality localization plays a vital role for a company’s software development business.

With experience in tackling complex workflow and code, Promolingua will be your best partner to solve your Graphical User Interface (GUI) needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

Multilingual Application

The success of your multilingual mobile app development is going to depend on the elegance of your code. If it’s sloppily written or doesn’t follow best practices, you’re going to spend a lot of time parsing and resolving inconsistencies.
Unfortunately, very few developers create their apps with globalization in mind. Instead, they want to succeed in one market and worry about others later. While this isn’t an insurmountable blunder, it does mean you’re going to face some additional challenges for a multi-market rollout.

Promolingua offers a platform that simplifies your multilingual mobile app development by providing a comprehensive place to manage translation requests, receive files, approve work, and more. Contact our team today to receive a custom quote.