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We translate and localize your e-commerce website into over 120 languages with ease, while ensuring your online retail store, presence and messaging are firmly in line with your brand’s source site, so customers make more purchases, around the world.

Wordpress themes

WordPress theme localization and internationalization are important because WordPress is used by people all around the world. Having a theme only available in a single language limits where it can be used and makes it more difficult to create a multilingual WordPress site. PromoLingua has the experience and the knowhow to make your Wordpress theme multilingual.

Shopify stores

One of the key reasons companies start selling internationally is to increase the number of potential clients they can sell to. This also helps open up new revenue sources, so you’re not just relying on one market.

If you’re selling in another country, there’s also a chance there might be less competition too. For example, you might be competing in a crowded market within your home country, but there could be plenty of growth outside of that.

If you’re looking to expand into different markets, you’ll naturally be looking to translate your Shopify store into more than one language.

And, to do this, you wouldn’t want to have to create several different websites, which would be both time-consuming in terms of website management, and more to the point, expensive. PromoLingua will help you make your Shopify store multilingual using local, on the ground translators. Contact us today to receive a personalized quote.

Point-of-sale displays

Translating marketing materials requires a special approach—a literal translation dulls the message while ignoring the cultural context of a campaign can often lead to miscommunication. Our certified translators understand that marketing translation is not just about translating the text into its target language, but rather it’s important to convey the correct marketing message in the audience’s language to promote the brand and fully engage the user.

Product listings

Users are far more likely to convert if you engage them in their native tongue. As such, precise product listings and descriptions are vital for expanding your business across global e-commerce channels. Whether you need a single product description or an entire catalog translated and localized, we’re happy to help.


User-generated content has become a huge value-generator for online businesses and is considered today’s most important channel for influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Our expert e-commerce translation and localization services will help you provide your visitors with a truly authentic experience, regardless of their native language.


OHT’s translation and localization experts help your brand showcase your products and services in the best possible way, and in line with every target market’s unique preferences and needs. We help you show them why your offering is better than the competition!