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FinTech Websites

Your finance clients span the globe, make sure your website does too. Our financial translators will help you translate your web content, maintaining the accuracy and consistency required to clearly communicate your message.

Financial Reports

Without financial fluency, it’s difficult for a company to thrive. Our professionals are experts at handling financial translations, maintaining the linguistic consistency of cash flow statement terminology, income statements, profits and gains reports, and more.

Business Plans

Translate your business plans into your target market’s language using locally accepted terminology. Our translation and localization professionals are experts at handling market analysis, funding requests, and financial projection translations with deference to local business nuances.

Insurance Documents

Insurance policies and coverage change from country to country. Make sure your company’s documents and policies represent the local standard. Our translation and localization experts will provide you with the terminology and insight needed as your company expands its global reach.

Stock & Bond Market Documents

Stock exchange and financial investment terminology can be confusing enough in one’s own language, let alone financial investment translation. Our worldwide network of more than 5,000 translators enables us to assign translators with technical financial translation experience. We’re able to translate any kind of technical translation of financial documents in nearly any language.

Though stock reports are often reported on official sites, because of the hectic nature of the NYSE and TSE, devoted investors often want immediate financial report translation, in order to be on top of the game. Hence, we are ready and able to translate a financial report as fast as possible, often in a couple hours or less.

Due Diligence Reports translation

PromoLingua due diligence documentation translation services aim to deliver information critical to the successful completion of international transactions, (including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and alliances, distribution agreements and other important business activities), in an accurate and transparent manner.

We work with ASCEND’s financial experts and strategic consultants on various international business transactions and therefore have a high level of understanding of the importance and role of due diligence in the execution of international business affairs.

Our due diligence translation services include:

  • Financial Documents
  • Valuations and Opinion Letters
  • Company Annual / Quarterly Reports
  • Customer, Supplier, Partnership, and other Contracts
  • Shareholder Meeting Agendas / Minutes
  • Proxy Circular