Industries we cover

Industries We Cover


Technology & Video Games

User engagement and experience are crucial to the success of software and technology companies, and in a global market, this means tailoring your content to the language, culture, and expectations of each of your target markets.

Marketing, SEO & Advertising

Accurate translation of creative content requires more than a knowledge of language, it demands a deep understanding of cultural nuances.

Retail & Ecommerce

Online technology and customer expectations are evolving to keep up with new digital habits and the growing demand for online shopping.


Financial and fintech companies operate with detailed, specific terminology that requires in-depth industry knowledge and is highly regulated.


Law firms, legal service agencies, and global legal departments worldwide trust us with the translation of their legal documentation.

Government & Public Sector

Governments may be based locally, but they are international entities by nature and are regularly in close contact with citizens and residents of many diverse countries.

Academic & E-learning

We help multinational organisations widen their learning and development strategy by combining language and multimedia expertise with software know-how, to customise, translate, and localise your online learning provision for learners in each of the markets in which you operate.


Operating instructions, manuals The operating instructions for the assembly, operation, maintenance and

Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing companies that are looking to address new markets must accurately communicate large volumes of technical content describing the complex functions, features, and operating instructions of their goods while meeting global standards on safety and transparency.

Pharma & Medical

The entire global healthcare sector depends on quality medical translation services to deliver vital multilingual content for a variety of purposes, from pharmaceutical packaging to complex clinical reports, to patents and manuals for diagnostic equipment.