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Research Papers

Whether your field is sociology or education, history or culture, it is crucial that the translator is familiar with the terminology and jargon specific to your area of specialty and knows the main theories and concepts used in the field. For example, translators who are working on quantitative research studies need to be familiar with statistics and research methodology terms, while translators working on qualitative research studies need to know how to read between the lines in order to convey the finer points of dialogue and meaning.

Our goal at PromoLingua is to help academic scholars publish their research in prestigious academic fora around the world. We offer academic translation, editing and formatting services to and from over 100 languages. Every translation that we complete is then reviewed and revised by one of our managing editors. Our focus on academia, as well as our unique process to ensure publication-ready quality text, separates us from other academic translation services.


You are about to complete your studies and get your Master’s Degree. There is only one step left: translation of your thesis and getting ready for your graduation ceremony. If your thesis translation or professional abstract translation is the last item on your checklist, get help from PromoLingua’s experts now. With professional thesis translation services, PromoLingua is here to help.

Writing a thesis in your mother-tongue is challenging enough; thus, if you have completed this stressful period just take a step back. Look at what you’ve created, and trust PromoLingua to run its magic with graduation thesis translation. Living in the technological era, you can easily use online thesis translation of PromoLingua and enjoy your last days as a Master’s student.

Academic Journals

PromoLingua provides you with a translated manuscript that communicates your research in clear and correct english, allowing you to submit your manuscript with confidence.

We pair you with an experienced academic translator with expertise in your subject area. They fully understand the terminology of your field and will return a high-quality translated manuscript to meet your deadline.

E-learning Courses

Global HR materials, tutorials, safety and well-being materials, product knowledge materials, corporate policies.

In a global business environment, the localization of eLearning tools is essential for training new team members and future professionals. PromoLingua’s eLearning localization group has years of experience localizing complex eLearning projects. Our team includes expert linguists, desktop publishing and typesetting specialists, voiceover talent, and project managers experienced in providing multilingual eLearning localization services. We have subject matter expertise in dozens of fields including engineering, marketing, finance, and IT. Whether you need to translate a course module or localize a virtual learning environment (VLE), Morningside’s team delivers consistent, high quality content across a wide range of eLearning formats and applications.

Transcripts & Certificates

PromoLingua’s certified transcript translation services are accurate, reliable and fast. Our certified transcript translation services help students studying abroad, professionals embarking on foreign job positions, immigrants and emigrants, transcription of tapes for court, and more.

Our certified translation services feature teams of American Translators Association (ATA) certified linguists, professional proofreaders/editors, and industry experts whose experience matches up with the specific type of transcript translations you need.

Our certified transcript translation services ensure your documents read and flow as though they were never translated from one language to another. This eliminates potentially costly errors that can occur when improperly translated transcripts are submitted to governing bodies. We also certify your transcript translations to ensure compliance and acceptance.

Clinical Studies

Proper translations are not simply word-for-word duplication of source documents, but must provide necessary information in a form that is fully understood by participants, in the same tone as your original communication. Acceptance, compliance, and accurate reporting of subjects’ experiences are essential goals that can only be met by experienced translators.

Accurate Translations for Clinicians and Research Administrators Are Crucial.

Proper execution of research protocols and complete and accurate reporting and administration of the trial, study, or research requires accurate and meticulous translation of all documents into the target language. The specialized translators at PromoLingua, along with our experienced project managers, know and understand the unique needs and vocabulary used by these crucial staff members and administrators.
Our translators’ individual training and experience in life science and medical disciplines and their fluency as native speakers guides them in preparing translations that accurately translate every nuance of your original materials. Our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality control processes assure our clients of impeccable quality for documents such as:

  • Protocol Documentation and Investigator Brochures
  • Summaries of Product Characteristics
  • Clinician Educational Materials
  • Case Report Forms
  • Adverse and Severe Events Reporting Documents
  • Study Documentation and Reports

Regulatory and Legal Documents Require Specific Translation Expertise

Documents submitted to local regulatory bodies, government agencies, and other authorities require not only accuracy but also thorough understanding of the unique language used in such documents. At PromoLingua, we translate and format such documents to meet the most exacting standards. Our experience with regulatory and legal documents in all of our 180 languages ensures that your documentation is translated to meet all of your needs.

Professional Translations Into English From the Language of Your Clinical Study

Providing accurate and normalized translations from the language of the location of any research study or clinical trial into English is another responsibility of your translation services provider. Patient and subject surveys and patient recorded outcome forms require accurate translation for proper interpretation. Clinicians’ reports must be translated accurately when creating English language documentation for the research project, trial, or study. At PromoLingua, we can provide those translations quickly, accurately, and formatted to meet your every need.