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Terms & Conditions

We know how serious the implications of this major legal document can be for your business or organization, and take measures to precisely translate your terms & conditions so that your rules and regulations are made clear whenever you enter a new market.


From sales contracts to maritime contracts, construction contracts and more, we ensure your legally binding contracts are translated accurately so that all parties involved fully understand what is being agreed upon.


When conducting business across borders, it is important that you have the correct permits and licenses in place – and that they be translated into the correct languages, so that your business never runs into trouble with local authorities.

Policies & GDPR Service Agreements

Compliance with the policies in place in the countries you do business with, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is non-negotiable! Our professional legal translators will ensure that the important details of policies aren’t lost when translated into another language.

Patents Translation

Within the field of translation services, the translation of patents deserves special attention. Due to their concise and clear content, as well as their legal requirements, patent translation is a special challenge even for experienced translators.
With a patent application, you globally protect your innovation, development, brand or product from competitors on the market. The contained specialist information thus gives you an important advantage and has to be translated precisely, legally and linked to the subject in order to be internationally valid.

The qualified language experts of PromoLingua ensure you professional translations at the highest linguistic level. Benefit from our worldwide network of more than 3,000 experienced native specialist translators in every required target country. Our linguists work reliably and at the highest specialized level to ensure your success – from Santiago de Chile to Tokyo, we always have the right translator for your patent translation.


A summons is an authoritative archive given by a court (a legal summons) or by a managerial organization of government (a regulatory summons) for different purposes. A legal summons is served on an individual associated with a legitimate continuing.

Promolingua services has various experienced affirmed and sworn translators available to its and will pick the most reasonable for you. Given the current issue, this will presumably be a sworn interpreter. Normally our certified legitimate interpreters know how to deal with delicate data and private archives. They will decipher your request tenaciously and scrupulously so you don’t need to stress over the interpretation. Our legitimate interpretation office can send you a free statement for the request interpretation to any language with a serious cost and all the data you need.