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Point of sale displays

A point-of-sale display (POS display) is a specialised form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter. They are intended to draw the customers’ attention to products that s\ can include free standing display units (FSDU), shelf edging, dummy packs, strut cards, standees, hanging signs, counter display units (CDU), display packs, endcaps, display stands, mobiles, posters, and banners

Although the world is increasingly becoming more digital focused, print materials are still tangible expressions of your brand and remain vital parts of any successful marketing plan. Our marketing translation services cover brochures, flyers, magazine and newspaper articles, direct mail, point-of-sale displays, banners and other marketing collateral.

Retail Packaging

Different countries have different requirements for labeling and translation, including a few you might not expect. Canada, for instance, requires certain information to be listed in both English and French and Belgium requires all labels on all packaging to be provided in Dutch and French. This isn’t too surprising, but it’s something your company may accidentally overlook when exporting across the border. And another often overlooked requirement: all labels and packaging must use the Metric system in their measurements.

Do you export a product whose weight is listed in pounds and ounces? Be sure to translate it to grams and kilograms before sending it across either border.

At Promolingua, we have the experience and the qualified translators to help you with your retail translation. Contact us today to receive a custom quote.

Trade show Exhibits

As a provider of translation services we try to accommodate to the tight deadlines while delivering optimal quality. Exhibiting in a trade show takes a lot of effort and preparation. You check the deadlines for the fair, register on time, take care that your stand is ready on a timely manner, get your brochures to the printer ahead of time, among so many other tasks.

Business Cards

Make sure that your business cards are “international-ready” before you visit a foreign trade show. Are all the company details there, including your country name? Does the phone number include the country code? Does it make sense to translate your business card into Chinese?


Have you made the decision to make your promotion material and banners available in more languages? Having them proofread by a native speaker is a wise move. After all, it is so easy to make a typo or a small translation mistake, influencing your company’s message and image.

Is it necessary to get your marketing material translated? In which languages does it need to be available? That depends on the trade show, the visitors and your goals. Is the focus centred on one regional market? Then it will probably be enough having the material available in only that language. If we are talking, on the other hand, about an international trade show intended to attract professionals of a particular industry from around the world, it will make sense to at least have the documents available in English.

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Promotional materials

Translation of advertising documents is a very important task. The result of the advertising company and, accordingly, the results of the company directly depend on the quality of translation.

The main feature of the translation of advertising documentation is that you must not only translate the text, but often adapt it to your target audience. It requires translators to implement creative approach, to make full use of his/her knowledge of realities, cultural peculiarities. The advertising often contains neologisms, metaphors, inversion and other literary techniques. Doing translation of promotional materials at the editing stage it is desirable to use the experience of native speakers, as only they can fully adapt the text and create the equivalent in terms of content, style and functionality of the text in the foreign language.

Advertising materials include brochures, flyers, presentation folders, calendars, posters, photos and other materials. It should be noted the translation of promotional documents requires the maximum responsibility and ability to convey the true nature and essence of the idea. The ability to convey key points of advertising to a targeted audience absolutely depends on the quality of the translation.

It’s therefore vital to convey the correct message and generate the desired impact on your foreign language audience.

Promolingua can translate your promotional materials into an extensive range of translation languages.

User manual

Manual translation is a necessary and extremely important activity for companies that sell products and services in more than one country. No wonder: brands that communicate in several languages and with different markets already understand that speaking the local language of each market is imperative in order to compete globally, and there is nothing better than a translation partner specialized in the subject to help them achieve that goal.

Because it is a communication piece that directly impacts the understanding of the product and, therefore, the user’s experience with the purchased good, hiring a manual translation needs to be faced as something extremely strategic within a company, since the quality of the translation is directly connected to the sales success and the customer’s satisfaction.

In addition, errors in a manual translation could even cause several types of impact to the client or the products, such as causing accidents when handling or using a product, posing a risk to the user’s life. Regardless of the type of communication failure and the impact a manual translation may have, one thing is certain: the image of the company responsible for the product will be compromised.

Professional translation companies have this concern and, precisely because of that, they are prepared to apply a series of quality check stages throughout the manual translation projects in order to ensure that the information about a given product reaches the end consumer correctly and accurately in relation to the original content, fulfilling its goal.

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As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Promolingua provides high quality user manual translation services for a variety of technical systems and engineering products such as industrial machines, vehicles, computer peripherals, electronics, home appliances, and software applications. We have the linguistic resources, localization best practices, and modern language technologies to deliver the best user guide and instruction manual translations on-time and on budget. Our large team of highly experienced professional linguists and subject matter experts are specially trained in technical writing in their respective native languages.

We understand the importance of accurate communication of highly technical information across languages to our clients’ international business. This is why we’ve developed industry leading user manual translation solutions that support our linguists with real-time terminology lookup, automated in-context linguistic review, and dynamic consistency check. For each user manual, we select the best linguists with the right subject matter expertise to achieve the highest technical accuracy the first time.

Books from both self-published authors and commercial publishers are usually only in one language due to the upfront cost of translation, struggles to find a translator, and complexities of working with retailers in different countries.

Promolingua has is happy to discuss with you any book translation project you might have.


A company brochure is a significant document which is used by companies of all kinds as an advertising and informational tool. It is generally used to promote products, services, or events. Typically company brochures are printed on high quality paper, and presented with colorful images and interesting text in a booklet form or single sheets. They serve as a very effective marketing tool.

In today’s highly competitive age, business organizations need to expand their services to maintain and increase their profitability. The proliferation of the Internet has been a blessing as it has significantly simplified the process of reaching out to customers across the globe.

Most customers provide brochures for translation in PDF file format. We convert the PDF file to MS Word format and translate the Word file. You can also submit the file in its native format, such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. We can then translate your brochure directly in the native format. That way the page layout will be retained exactly as in the original brochure. If you provide us with the packaged files including the hi-res graphics and font files, we will deliver the translated brochure in its native file format, as well as a publication-ready PDF file. If you prefer to do the DTP work on your own, you can submit the text to us for translation. We will deliver it in table format so your DTP team can easily detect which translated text goes where. Click here to learn more about our InDesign file translation workflow.

Promolingua provides high quality and professional brochure translation services through a team of well qualified and experienced language translation experts. We guarantee low rates through our unique bid management system which gets for each and every project the most suitably qualified translator at the most reasonable rates! You can get a better idea about our rates and services right now by providing the required details of your project in the top menu to get a free instant translation quote for your project.