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Google Adwords Translation

We create and maintain turnkey pay-per-click advertising on Yandex Direct, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube, and VKontakte for multilingual websites. Using web analytics, we can tailor a campaign to focus on your KPIs and calculate your ROI.
Alconost is a certified Google partner. Our specialists are constantly improving their qualifications, and they are looking to share what they know with others. We have been in the business of multilingual paid search in international markets since 2008, and we know all the ins and outs.

International PPC management

Rest assured, when it comes to developing PPC advertising in foreign languages, we only assign native speakers to the tasks of selecting keywords, writing ads, or producing copy for landing pages. If you’re not looking to localize your entire site but merely test the waters of a foreign market, we can create dynamic landing pages for PPC in your desired target languages and direct users to them

Personal PPC manager

We have built our business around the following principle: it will be more profitable for you to cooperate with us than to hire an expensive specialist or to work with a conventional PPC agency. We offer you a personal PPC expert who combines all of the advantages of the following types of workers:

  • full-time employee: an individual approach and responsibility;
  • agency: professionalism, advanced tools, and reputation;
  • freelancer: fast response times and low cost;
  • co-owner: interest in the result, since this person’s salary depends on it.

You will be able to coordinate all aspects of your project, ranging from marketing strategy to data analysis, with just a single person: your PPC manager. The PPC specialist will work on your marketing campaigns every day overseeing and directing the work of the other specialists on your project including copywriters, translators, designers, web programmers, and analysts.

Multilingual SEO

Building websites and applications for a global marketplace, companies often forget that search patterns differ from country to country. A smart content and metadata localisation strategy in the local language, together with knowledge of colloquialisms or cultural layers infiltrated with English words can get your website to the top position in search rankings and boost traffic significantly.

To ensure your website content competes successfully in your target market, we adopt proven SEO content localisation techniques and involve experienced data researchers and professional linguists. We work with linguists that also have a SEO specialism, who perform keyword analysis, scoring, and research for Google, Amazon, YouTube, and other search engine listings, ensuring your product pages achieve greater online prominence. Your localised website metadata will improve your search performance and will ensure visibility to your international audience.

Social Media Translation

We offer a range of social media translation services for small and large organisations who are looking to expand into overseas territories or those with global marketing programmes that simply need to know how what their customers are saying about their products and services in various regions around the world.

The reason why these organisations are increasingly adopting global social media marketing programmes is largely due to the fact that customers are more empowered than ever before.

They can access information on numerous companies and products at the touch of a button, and social media channels provide the ideal conditions for customers to share their experiences with each other, whether positive or negative, which in turn has a huge effect on purchase and repeat buying patterns of consumers. So businesses that previously paid lip service to customer care are now having to deliver on their promises or risk being exposed by disgruntled customers.

Multilingual Lead Generation

Promolingua offers lead generation services to enable your company to easily and cost effectively develop a strong client base in your foreign markets. We can help your company penetrate these markets by building a list of prospective buyers, dealers and distributors in your target market and send out new product surveys or launch direct mail campaigns promoting your product or service to that list of prospects in over 100 languages.

Landing Pages

We design landing pages, which are the pages on your site that the user is directed to when they click on an ad. The purpose of the landing page is to convert your paid traffic into customers. In order to achieve this goal, the landing page content must answer user questions, and the landing page structure must get the user to take a desired action, whether that is requesting a call, adding an item to the shopping cart, or subscribing to a service. This is how we will boost your number of conversions.

Landing pages are directly tied to PPC campaigns. Accordingly, the same people who conduct these campaigns should also manage the landing pages. This is the essence of what we are offering. You only need to fill out a design brief and set up a subdomain for us, and then we will do everything else ourselves.

  • We will draft a price quote and manage the project.
    We’ll study your product and the products of competitors, and then we will prepare a list of proposals and a plan to implement them. We will calculate the project costs, and, once you have signed off on them, we will begin to carry out the plan.
  • We will develop and test two LP options.
    The options will have different layouts (differently placed headers, blocks of text, illustrations, buttons, and other content) and structure (sequence of information). We will select the variant that achieves the best conversion results during testing.
  • We will write the landing page content and determine how it should be structured.
    The text on the landing page will clearly describe how your product or service can help the customer. We will break the text down into logical blocks and try not to overload it with obvious facts and empty promises.
  • We will establish a system of multiple landing pages.
    We will prepare as many landing pages as are needed in order to increase relevance and reduce the cost of advertising. We will synchronize the texts on the different landing pages with the texts of your ads and keywords in the Google and Yandex contextual advertising systems and the texts of your ads on Facebook.
  • We will configure the web analytics for your project.
    When we activate your landing pages, we will also properly configure your analytics systems, including both Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. The configuration will show you the accurate source of your conversions. We will work to decrease the number of dropped sessions, which occur when a user fails to proceed from the multiple landing page to the shopping cart.

We will manage your multilingual PPC campaign.
When you order landing page creation services from us, we will design and configure pay-per-action advertising that works together with your dynamic landing pages. If you already have a highly performing campaign, we can design effective landing pages that are tailored for it.