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Events Branding and Documentation

We help you create meaningful messaging and content for your government, NGO or charity’s events, so that audiences around the world appreciate their significance, while retaining your brand language and identity.

Online and Print Communications

Our certified industry-specific expert translators understand exactly how to translate and localize your online and print communications so that they attract, convert and retain donors, talent, partners, and other stakeholders, in any language.

Research and Reports

We are proud to partner with you to create clear, accurate reports that paint a clear picture of your government or organization and its activities, in over 120 languages, based on the research and its findings, you carefully collect.

Bids, Tenders, Procurement

PromoLingua industry-specific translators and localization experts specialize in creating compelling versions of bids, tenders and procurement documents in your target audience’s native language so that your government or organization is awarded key contracts with ease.


We provide fast, accurate, professional USCIS certified translation services. Our translations are 100% accurate, certified, and guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS!
You have enough on your plate with the immigration process. Don’t let searching for a certified translation company be an additional task. Trust us with your USCIS certified translations, and know that your translations will hit the mark every time.

If you need notarized translation services with a low price and a fast turnaround, you need more than a certified translation agency. You need a professional certified translation company who specializes in notarized translations. We can help you with that.

Promolingua has certified translators and notary publics easily accessible 24/7. So we are always able to provide you 100% accurate notarized translations in the fastest time. Plus, we have professional certified translators that specialize in every industry. So no matter what type of document you need notarized translations for, our team of professionals at Promolingua will translate it using industry specific terms, and have it notarized in time to meet any deadline.


Here at Promolingua, we’ve got a wealth of experience providing high-quality charity translation services for international charities. Therefore, you know your translation is in safe hands when you choose our experts.

Working for our charity clients has given us a unique perspective into the complexities and obstacles that face charitable organisations. Many organisations we work with face difficulties with new arrivals to a new country or isolated communities who have limited English and communication skills.

All our clients are given exclusive access to Promolingua online platform, our secure online booking portal which allows you to schedule your charity translation services no matter where you are in the world. We can even work to tight deadlines when needed.